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What are Project Tech Clubs?

Project Tech clubs are the premier computer science club program for students who want to jumpstart their tech journey. Whether you're starting a new club or have an existing one, we provide the resources to focus on what matters - exploring and promoting computer science among your peers.


Why Join?


New or pre-existing, Project Tech welcomes all clubs to access our invaluable resources and support.


Join the Project Tech Foundation's network of leaders, innovators, and tech enthusiasts. Connect with like-minded students and learn from experienced mentors, including top industry professionals, to explore your passion for computer science.


Join a community of innovators, problem-solvers, and tech enthusiasts. By becoming a part of Project Tech, you can empower students with computer programming skills and unite with other student-led clubs from around the world.


In addition to club resources and mentorship, Project Tech offers exclusive events such as workshops, coding courses, hackathons, and more to help students further develop their computer science skills.

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